The Key to Timeless Beauty: A Guide to Wrinkle Treatments in Irving


Wisdom may come with age, but unfortunately, so do wrinkles. Just as the pages of your favorite book crease a little bit more every time you flip a page, your skin develops lines that map out the journeys that have shaped your life. However, we recognize that these natural changes aren’t typically a confidence booster.

85% of individuals struggling with aging skin feel unattractive and undesirable due to their wrinkles, and 70% of them admit that their changing appearance is a routine source of stress.

At Body By Your Clinic, we believe that you deserve to look as young as you feel.

You shouldn’t have to alter your lifestyle or commit to invasive procedures to feel your best. Here’s a look at how our needle-free wrinkle treatments in Irving are helping the Dallas-Fort Worth community age differently, powered by revolutionary Emface technology.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles don’t discriminate, affecting men and women from all walks of life. While wrinkles are typically associated with aging, they can also develop prematurely as a result of damaging lifestyle habits, such as UV exposure, smoking, pollution, improper diet, and chronic stress. Regularly exposing your skin to these threats gradually deteriorates your elastin fibers, the proteins that allow your skin to “bounce” back into place.

However, wrinkles may also be rooted in uncontrollable internal factors, like genetics and health conditions. While sticking to a consistent skincare routine—including daily sunscreen—can work to prevent some wrinkles, the underlying problem is your collagen production. As soon as you enter your 20s, your body naturally cuts back its collagen production rate—declining by 1 to 1.5% every year.

These microscopic fibers are responsible for maintaining your skin’s framework, providing structure to all of your connective tissues. As the largest organ in your body, your skin is subject to drastic changes when this structure goes through even the slightest adjustments. When your skin can’t spring back into place, every facial movement and expression you make worsens the grooves beneath the surface, causing lines and eventually sagging.

These factors, in addition to muscular atrophy, the degradation of muscle tissue due to a lack of exercise, lead to “hollowed” features in response to your youthful fat deposits and muscles deteriorating. Your muscle and skin cells go through this process on an individual, cellular level, so some areas may develop these changes while others don’t, causing asymmetry.

How Emface Works

Emface Treatment

If you’re searching for non-invasive wrinkle treatments in Irving, you’re in the right place! With the game-changing skin rejuvenation powers of Emface, you can reclaim your youthful appearance without having to endure so much as a needle.

This unique technology combines two energy forms—high-intensity electromagnetic therapy (HIFES) and thermal radiofrequency (RF)—to provide natural, undetectable enhancements. HIFES wavelengths painlessly trigger more than 75,000 muscle contractions in under 20 minutes, toning your facial muscles by giving them a never-before-seen workout. As your muscles gradually regain their strength and density with every Emface session, your profile will return to its lifted, voluminous state.

Emface simultaneously emits RF waves to gently heat the dermis, the middle layer of skin beneath the surface, to trigger collagen production. This technology precisely raises your body’s internal temperature to send your skin into a “heat shock,” sending out cellular messages that you need more collagen. As your collagen levels continue to build, your complexion will gradually improve thanks to its new fortified framework and defense system to combat and repair damage.

What Emface Treats

Unlike traditional wrinkle treatments, Emface goes beyond line reduction by alleviating skin laxity, uneven skin tone, lost volume, facial asymmetry, and muscle atrophy all in one. Plus, many of our patients opt for Emface as a non-surgical double chin treatment in Irving thanks to its fat-melting and muscle-toning capabilities! As the first FDA-approved skin rejuvenation technology without needles, Emface has been proven to safely treat the:

  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline

Does Emface work for the body?

Due to the nature of the hands-free Emface design, which works through facial feature-specific applicators, this technology is not suitable for treating areas below the neck. However, Body By Your Clinic recognizes that feeling your best in your physique is important, too, so we offer non-invasive body contouring in Irving.

Our EMTONE and Emsculpt NEO devices are fueled by the same radiofrequency energy as Emface, but specifically crafted to treat larger areas without taking away from your curves. Unlike liposuction or CoolSculpting, these options go beyond fat reduction to tone your muscles and improve your skin quality without incisions or needles.

What to Expect From Emface

Emface Treatment

There’s no need to take off work for your Emface wrinkle treatments. In Irving, Body By Your Clinic offers convenient 20-minute sessions, so you’re welcome to stop by on your lunch break! Plus, this unique technology requires no downtime, so you can return to your routine immediately.

The Treatment Process

We recognize that your skin concerns and goals for treatment are unique, so we’ll begin the Emface process with an in-person consultation. This grants our providers time to examine your skin, review your medical history, and openly discuss your vision, budget, and timeline. We’ll collaborate with you to create your unique treatment plan and schedule your sessions accordingly, finding times that work for your schedule.

When you arrive for your Emface session, a registered medical professional will answer any questions you have before helping you get comfortable in a treatment chair. Then, we’ll place the high-tech “patches” on your forehead, cheeks, and/or chin. Once we’ve ensured that the hands-free devices are placed to target your specific problem areas, we’ll turn on the Emface device.

Feel free to bring a book, catch up on emails, or listen to music for the next 20 minutes as Emface does the work for you! This process is completely painless, so many clients choose to simply take some quiet time to themselves or even catch up on rest. As the wavelengths emit from the patches into the dermis layers of your skin, you may feel a slight warming sensation, similar to a relaxing hot stone massage.

Immediately after your session, we’ll simply remove the patches and allow you to return to your day as usual! Most clients notice immediate improvements to their skin’s appearance and feel, and these enhancements will grow more dramatic with every weekly session.

Your Results Timeline

Emface works by gradually rebuilding your collagen supply and toning your muscles through routine sessions. While you may notice some improvements after a single session, remember that these enhancements are buildable. Similar to seeing results from exercising consistently, lasting results take some time. However, thanks to the thousands of contractions the device stimulates in a matter of minutes, this face “workout” works much faster than traditional exercise.

We typically recommend a series of 4 sessions, each spaced at least 5 days apart, to achieve the best results. However, every patient’s starting point and end goal are different, so your provider will help you map out the exact number of sessions during your initial consultation.

Most patients’ Emface results last for about a year without additional sessions. Once you begin to notice the positive effects wearing off, contact your provider to schedule an annual maintenance session.

How does Emface compare to other wrinkle treatments?

In Irving, Body By Your Clinic is proud to offer non-invasive solutions to maximize the convenience of our care without sacrificing high-quality results. We understand that there are a lot of wrinkle treatments out there, and finding the “right” one can feel impossible, so we’re here to set the record straight.

15 global research centers have extensively researched Emface’s efficacy, finding that the technology offers:

  • 100% increase in elastin
  • 37% reduction in wrinkles
  • 30% increase in muscle tone
  • 26% increase in collagen
  • 23% reduction in sagging/laxity

As the first and only technology to treat wrinkles without needles, Emface technology is making waves in the aesthetic world. Some doctors and researchers have predicted that Emface marks the end of cosmetic surgeries, as the risks, downtime, and cost of invasive procedures become obsolete.

Emface vs. Facelifts

Contrary to popular belief, a facelift is not permanent. However, you also can’t reverse a facelift. Rather, your skin will gradually adapt to its new, tightened form and develop new wrinkles and laxity over the following years.

A facelift is an extensive surgery that requires weeks of downtime and has inherent risks, such as infection, hair loss, and nerve damage. Despite your best efforts, scarring is inevitable. This procedure works by creating incisions along the borders of your face and manually pulling your skin tighter. We get it, this doesn’t sound like an enjoyable process. Plus, research shows that 65% of people who get cosmetic surgery regret their decision.

If you’re looking for wrinkle treatments in Irving, consider Emface, as its non-invasive methods require zero downtime. Emface uses precise energy waves to stimulate natural changes internally, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a session and not looking like yourself. Rather, this unique technology gradually rebuilds your skin’s structure to turn back time.

Emface vs. Injectables

When you type “wrinkle treatments in Irving” into Google, Botox and dermal fillers are likely to pop up. Botox is an injectable neurotoxin, which works by limiting specific muscle movements altogether to relax and prevent wrinkles.

Fillers are injectables designed to plump your features, restoring volume at the surface. Both of these formulas offer temporary, surface-level results. Botox is a tricky art, as it’s typically responsible for the “overdone” or “frozen” look. It’s important to note that fillers often migrate, causing them to create bumps and spread to areas where you weren’t looking to add volume.

On the other hand, Emface triggers your body’s natural collagen production and muscle stimulation to provide more natural, lasting results through hands-free applicators rather than needles. This technology works internally, rebuilding your skin instead of acting as a surface-level quick fix.

Let’s face it, nobody likes needles. Studies show that about 66% of children and 25% of adults struggle with trypanophobia—the fear of needles. Many of these adults even avoid receiving important immunizations due to severe anxieties.

Reclaim Your Youth at Body By Your Clinic


Aging may be a natural part of life, but thanks to our game-changing solutions, you don’t have to simply accept the changes that you’re not fond of! At Body By Your Clinic, we’re committed to clearing the path to your happiest, healthiest, and most confident self, however you see fit.

We don’t try to squeeze your concerns into a box—we recognize that your struggles and aspirations are unique, so your care should be, too. We don’t offer ineffective “one-size-fits-all” wrinkle treatments in Irving, so we invite you to kick off your aesthetic journey with a complimentary consultation. Here, we’ll take the time to understand your skin, budget, and timeline, so we can decide if Emface is right for you.

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Our Unique Approach

We recognize that feeling and looking your best play equally important roles in living your best. We take pride in our holistic approach—offering the most advanced aesthetic and wellness treatments on the market to elevate your mind, body, and soul.

Body By Your Clinic’s mission is to nurture lasting partnerships with our patients built on mutual respect, trust, and transparency. We understand that there’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there, so our medical experts are here to provide reliable resources so you can make the most informed decisions about your care.

We’re simplifying the rebalancing act of maintaining your well-being on an individual basis, prioritizing active listening and education. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at any point in your journey for professional, compassionate support!

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