Office Policies

Office Policies

Cancellation Policy:

  • I understand that I may cancel my membership at any time after the initial six-month commitment, with a 30-day notice period. Cancellations within this period will not be charged for the subsequent month.
  • I acknowledge that cancellation requests made after the 24-hour notice period but within 12 hours before the scheduled appointment will incur a $25 fee. Cancellations made less than 12 hours before the scheduled appointment will result in a $50 fee.
  • I agree that no-shows for scheduled appointments will be charged a $50 fee, with no exceptions. I understand that if I have no valid payment method on file, I will be charged for missed appointments on my next visit.

Refund Policy:

  • The medspa does not provide refunds for completed or partially completed treatments, services, or packages because optimal results require the full course of treatment as recommended.
  • Exceptions:
    • Medical Clearance:
    • If a client is medically unable to continue treatments, a prorated refund will be considered upon presentation of valid medical documentation.
  • Religious Reasons:
    • Clients discontinuing services due to religious reasons may be eligible for a prorated refund upon providing appropriate documentation.
  • Procedure for Refund Requests:
    • Clients requesting refunds due to medical or religious reasons must submit a written request along with supporting documentation. The medspa will review and respond within 14 days.
      • Approval of Refunds: All refunds are subject to approval by the medspa management.

    Privacy Policy:

    • I understand that my personal information will be collected and used for communication purposes. I acknowledge that my personal information will not be sold or shared with third parties without my explicit consent, except as required by law.
    • I acknowledge my right to access, update, or delete my personal information.

    Rescheduling Policy:

    • In the event that a client is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, it is their responsibility to provide timely notice to the clinic.
    • If a client is unable to attend or anticipates being late for an appointment, they must contact the clinic as soon as possible to reschedule.
    • If a client is more than 30 minutes late for their scheduled appointment, the clinic will attempt to contact them to reschedule. However, if no contact is made or the client is unreachable, they will be considered a no-show and subject to the no-show fee.
    • Clients who fail to provide notice or arrive more than 60 minutes late for their appointment without prior communication will be charged the full no-show fee as outlined in the cancellation policy.

    No-Show Policy:

    • I understand that I am expected to attend scheduled appointments or provide sufficient notice of cancellation. I acknowledge that failure to attend a scheduled appointment without prior notice may result in a no-show fee, as outlined in the cancellation policy.
    • I agree that no-show fees must be paid before scheduling future appointments and that persistent no-shows may result in suspension or termination of membership privileges.

    Communications Policy:

    • I understand that communications with the clinic may include email, phone, and/or text message for appointment reminders, important updates, and promotional offers.
    • I acknowledge that I may opt out of marketing communications at any time by contacting the clinic or using the opt-out link provided in marketing emails.

    Results and Expectations:

    • I acknowledge that achieving desired results may vary depending on factors such as individual body composition, adherence to treatment plans, and post-care routines.
    • I understand that the clinic provides post-care tips, counseling, and guidance to optimize treatment outcomes.
    • I agree to follow these recommendations diligently to maximize the effectiveness of the services received. I acknowledge that results may not be immediate and may require consistent effort and adherence to the recommended treatment schedule.
    • I agree not to attribute lack of results solely to the services provided by the clinic if I have not followed post-care instructions and counseling as advised by the clinic's professionals.

    Patient Responsibilities:

    • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to provide accurate medical history information and to inform the clinic of any changes to my health status or medications. I understand the importance of disclosing any allergies or sensitivities to treatment products.

    Payment Policy:

    • I agree to pay for services rendered at the time of treatment unless otherwise arranged with the clinic. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, credit/debit card, or other approved payment methods.

    Safety and Consent:

    • I understand that certain treatments may carry risks and side effects, which will be explained to me before treatment.
    • I consent to treatment and acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns.

    Minors Policy:

    • For clients under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent for treatment and accompany the minor during appointments.

    Dispute Resolution::

    • I agree to address any disputes or concerns with the clinic directly and in good faith, with the aim of reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution.

    Membership Agreement (if applicable):

    • If enrolled in a membership program, I acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in the membership agreement, including cancellation policies, benefits, and duration of membership.

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