Sculpt Your Jawline With a Non-Invasive Double Chin Treatment in Irving


Contrary to what many people assume, a double chin—or submental fat—isn’t always an indicator of poor health. Everyone’s body distributes fat differently, and the same goes for your face. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to win the genetic lottery, so many individuals simply inherit this harmless trait.

Although a bit of excess fat tissue around your jawline is nothing to be worried about health-wise, we recognize that almost 50% of people feel that their jawline negatively affects their appearance. At Body By Your Clinic, we believe that you deserve to not just feel comfortable in your skin, but confident, too! Here’s a look at how our experts use revolutionary Emface technology as the new gold standard for non-invasive double chin treatment in Irving.

How Emface Targets Chin Fat

Emface has changed the skin rejuvenation game forever. This one-of-a-kind device combines high-intensity electromagnetic therapy (HIFES) and thermal radiofrequency (RF) to revitalize your skin and tone your features from the inside out.

These targeted wavelengths melt away fat cells, simultaneously triggering thousands of muscle contractions in a matter of minutes! As your jaw muscles gradually strengthen and your body naturally flushes this liquified fat, your jawline’s true definition emerges. Plus, RF waves work to boost collagen production to undetectably tighten and lift your skin, which is why patients also love Emface as a wrinkle treatment in Irving.

Is the Emface process painful?

No! We use Emface as a double chin treatment in Irving to offer convenient, painless solutions—no surgery, needles, or downtime needed.

Come to Body By Your Clinic to Embrace Your Features

At Body By Your Clinic, our aesthetic and wellness experts are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best every day. Our mission is to partner with you, providing the ongoing medical expertise and compassionate support you need to make informed treatment decisions.

Interested in unveiling your confidence with the premier double chin treatment in Irving? Schedule a consultation with our specialists so we can discuss your unique goals and curate your personalized solution! If you’re still weighing your options, try our virtual consultation tool for on-demand recommendations based on your concerns. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions—we’re here to listen first, so we can make your vision a reality!

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