Weight Loss v. Fat Loss: Is There a Difference?


Many of us are trained from an early age to see losing weight as synonymous with getting healthy. So, I’m getting healthier as long as the number on the scale is shrinking, right? Well, not necessarily.

Relying only on a scale to tell you how healthy you are can lead to confusion, frustration, and worse. Using lost pounds as the only measure of progress on your weight loss journey can sometimes even lead to negative health consequences.

The key to forming healthy habits around losing weight is to develop a healthy mindset. And a good first step to changing your mindset is to understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Weight Loss v. Fat Loss

Woman measuring her waist

The truth is, most people probably mean fat loss when they say weight loss. That being said, the words “weight loss” are used much more frequently than “fat loss” to describe a reduction in unwanted body fat.

Does It Really Matter?

Weight loss is a lot easier to understand and measure. You simply step onto the scale, and it rewards you with a number telling you how heavy you are. And that’s all it can do. The problem here is that weight isn’t actually a very good way to measure progress on your journey to better health and fitness.

It’s true, you lose weight when you lose fat. But you also lose weight when you lose muscle. People who are dieting and exercising can feel like they’ve hit a roadblock when their weight plateaus, when, in reality, they could still be losing fat while also gaining muscle. Additionally, excessive dieting without exercise can sometimes lead to weight loss due to reductions in both fat and muscle.

Whether you’re trying to track your fat loss or your body contouring results, you need to be able to see the difference. You shouldn’t have to rely on your gut to know your gut is shrinking or your treatments are working.

With the right measurement tool, the process becomes much less about guessing, hoping, and believing, and more about data-driven strategy and crystal-clear results.

How to Measure Fat Loss

A woman uses the Styku imaging

The Styku body scanner takes 600 infrared images and millions of measurements in a little over 30 seconds. These images and measurements are then combined to create a hyper-realistic 3D rendering of your body.

By using Styku at the outset of your weight loss journey, you’ll always have a reference point for where you started and exactly how much progress you’ve made. But Styku doesn’t just take pictures; it also measures body circumference and accurately predicts fat, muscle, and bone mass.

With highly detailed readings, your Body by Your Clinic provider will be able to create an ultra-personalized treatment plan for you and help you fine-tune it along the way.

The days of simply stepping onto a scale and squinting into the mirror are over. In essence, Styku gives you the most accurate data possible, helping you record your progress and visualize your transformation like never before. It puts the weight loss v. fat loss confusion to rest for good.

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